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Vietnam is mostly termed to be  “Magical”, in its gleaming skyscrapers of the country’s booming cities, the emerald paddy fields, white sand, beeches,full-tilt cities, pagodas, limestone islands, craggy mountains, along with their friendly communities forms a heart lightning yet mysterious package full of surprises from their tribal culture and age-old customs.

Ninh Binh Town


The most imminent spots of Vietnam includes the mind boggling history of Hanoi, Da-Nang, Ho Chi Minh cities,the first and formost mention must be drawn to hanoi,enriched with wealth of ancient local history,accompanied by marvelous renowned performances of water puppet theatres of vietnamese tradition, demonstrating their traditional folk cultures,perfume Pagoda,showcasing the series of Buddhist Temples on a single mountain range,along with delicious cuisine culture which are often compared to Food Paradise.








Then we come to our second most mesmerizing spot at Da-nang,Da-nang famous for its harmonious convergence of river,mountain,waterfall and forests.Associated with the Khe Beach and Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park,the romantic and authentic beauty of the beach gets blessed with thousands of travellers every year.


The greenish lush of Vietnam also enriches us with the most,commercial part of Ho Chi Minh City,affiliated with the temple huddle amid skyscrappers and with the essence of Europe’s French colony architectures.


Vietnam is mostly