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Pondicherry is known for preserving the remnants of French heritage along with Indian culture, along with offering the tourists with soothing weather for enjoying the pleasant heat of Sun accompanied by sea breeze at its coastal areas while enjoying the water activities like scuba diving, surfing, etc




Along with leisure activities of water with pleasant sunny cherishing weather,pondicherry also offers us with rich spiritual enrichment, the seekers of spiritual enrichment, the seekers of spirituality must look for Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville temple. Aurobindo Ashram provides its members with all they need for a decent and healthy life.


Pondicherry, along with spiritual upliftment also provides us with a tour to Arikamedu, the Ancient Roman trade center is 4 km, south of Puducherry on the right bank of Arikamedu river. The Roman cruise takes you down the History lane of the French colony.



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The God’s own country, Kerala also is popularly known as one of the Ten Paradises of the World is a state situated on the tropical Malabar Coast of southwestern India, is one of the most amazing places suitable for any tourists to enjoy a moderate climate; backed by scenic beauty of both hills and lakes all together throughout the year.


The hill stations back-waters commercial cities, hamlets provided with back-water trips, houseboat stays, and their serene beauty does add up with the cute bungalows; cozy home styles and lavish hotels at the hill stations; accompanied with the alluring scenarios, ever pleasant weather and exotic flora and fauna as if build magic of fairytales.


Many religious norms, as well as beautiful rituals, are still prevalent there in Kerala, which is been followed since ancient times, such as some serving of fascinations of Kerelaties using of coconut and banana leaves with their food, which add up a new experience to travelers, especially from western countries. The cobbled pathways and cleaner roads through the greeneries of Kerala will take every tourist to an old-World of amazing fantasy tour.

Its unique culture and traditions coupled with its varied demography, have shaped it as one of the most popular tourist attractions where tourists do really relish their holidays, with beautiful lakes and water bodies, accompanied by the hill stations, exhibiting the rarest combination of land features prevalent throughout the World.

While you may be wondering about where all to head in the charming land of Kerala, getting to know about a few best ones is surely helpful before visiting. So let’s have a quick view of all that awaits us in Kerala

Alleppey-The backwater hot spot

Munnar-Perfect for a romantic honeymoon

Kumarakom-One of the most tranquil places

Wayanad-The land of heavenly trails

Thekkady- For the love of wildlife

Kovalam- For some beach fun

Vagamon- Solitude guaranteed

Varkala- One of Kerala’s most scenic seasides.

Kannur- The picture-perfect coastal town

Munroe Island- For an exciting canal cruise

Kasargod- A coastal paradise in Kerala

Kuttanad- Rice bowl of Kerala

Ponmudi- The Golden Peak


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We all know our Kolkata is very well known by its most popular name’the city of joy’.This City of Palaces and Joy is located on the east bank of the Hoogly river and known for its number of places of interest such as Indian Museum, Marble Palace, Jorasanko Thakur Bari, National Library and Writer’s Building. Other notable structures in Kolkata are Salt Lake Stadium, Tipu Sultan Mosque, Rabindra Sadan and Calcutta High Court.

The Victoria memorial is one of the large marble buildings in Kolkata and dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria. Victoria memorial is now a museum and tourist destination and is a masterpiece of British architectural influence.

Followed by  Writer’s Building which served as the office of the Chief Minister of West Bengal. Writer’s Building is one of the major landmarks of the city of Joy and must see the tourist destination in Kolkata.

The Indian Museum is the largest and the oldest museum in India and also the oldest museums in the World. Indian Museum has rare collections of Mughal paintings, Armour and ornaments, fossils and skeletons.


The Marble Palace is a private residence and one of the best-preserved and most elegant houses in Calcutta, famous for its marble walls and floors. Marble Palace has a large quantity of Western sculpture, paintings and Victorian furniture.

The Jorasanko Thakur Bari is the house of the Thakurs and ancestral home of the Tagore family and Rabindranath Tagore was born here. Jorasanko Thakur Bari House has been is known as Tagore museum for Kolkata.




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Best known for ancient glorious times of architecture of the Rajputana dynasty. Rajasthan’s palace architectures are imminent evidence of the strength of science and astronomy of the olden times of India.


Udaipur, the city of lakes, Venice of the East, Jaipur, the Pink City of India, Jodhpur; the Pink City of India, Jodhpur; Sun City, Jaisalmer, Golden City, one of the most eminent Ranthambore National Park, the Ancient City of Chittor, and the famous Mount Abu, forms the most eminent famous tourist locations for historic importance of Rajasthan. Our glorious history portraits the golden reserves of history and showcases the scientific golden eras of India  .                               



Thus here, we find JANTAR MANTAR, A UNESCO HERITAGE SITE in Rajasthan, showcasing some set of 20 main fixed instruments of 18th century, best known for their observation of astronomical positions with naked eyes, they embody several architectural and instrument innovations.


Jantar Mantar the expression of the best-preserved of India’s historic observations, expresses itself with profuse incomparable and unimaginable ancient astronomical skills and cosmological concepts of our rich culture.




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India has always shared common political importance with Russia in terms of Communism. Russia having a renowned history and heritages accompanied by the mountains; valleys, frozen lands and warm sands and an incredible number of amazing natural destinations such as Baikal, Moscow, St. Petersburg.

Lake Baikal, the massive high altitude rift lake in Siberia, also termed the oldest and deepest lake in the World and is of 25 million years of age, has always been a famous destination for Kayaking-boat cruises and island hopping to discover shorelines and beeches.


The next we may move to Moscow; it’s worth planning a trip to explore the heart-throbbing  Russia; thus the exploration tour may include Kremlin, Red Square, and the colourful St. Basil’s Cathedral. Another mind-blasting, a spot could be the Pushkin Museum, and the eminent The Bolshoi Theatre, one of the renowned ballet theatres of the World.


The last but most mesmerisng tour could be of St. Petersburg in Russia.Here to experience the most stunning overdoes of white and gold colours visit Monika Palace, and the Neoclassical,19th century of St.Isaac’s Cathedral,lastly the Peterhof Palace to experience the ecstatic beauty of French Architecture.


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Vietnam is mostly termed to be  “Magical”, in its gleaming skyscrapers of the country’s booming cities, the emerald paddy fields, white sand, beeches,full-tilt cities, pagodas, limestone islands, craggy mountains, along with their friendly communities forms a heart lightning yet mysterious package full of surprises from their tribal culture and age-old customs.

Ninh Binh Town


The most imminent spots of Vietnam includes the mind boggling history of Hanoi, Da-Nang, Ho Chi Minh cities,the first and formost mention must be drawn to hanoi,enriched with wealth of ancient local history,accompanied by marvelous renowned performances of water puppet theatres of vietnamese tradition, demonstrating their traditional folk cultures,perfume Pagoda,showcasing the series of Buddhist Temples on a single mountain range,along with delicious cuisine culture which are often compared to Food Paradise.








Then we come to our second most mesmerizing spot at Da-nang,Da-nang famous for its harmonious convergence of river,mountain,waterfall and forests.Associated with the Khe Beach and Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park,the romantic and authentic beauty of the beach gets blessed with thousands of travellers every year.


The greenish lush of Vietnam also enriches us with the most,commercial part of Ho Chi Minh City,affiliated with the temple huddle amid skyscrappers and with the essence of Europe’s French colony architectures.


Vietnam is mostly


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Starting from the spiritual Bodhgaya to the Sacred Varanasi, our India since time immemorial has preserved a lot of Buddhist monasteries, of great educational importance. Thus starting from Mahabodhi Temple at Bodhgaya to Anathapindika Stupa in Sravasti, there are numerous Buddhist monasteries with the essence of Glorious days of Buddha.

The Mahabodhi Temple


A trip including all of these mesmerizing Buddhist Spots includes the Gaya and Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda University, Lumbini, Kushinagar, Sravasti all the famous places including the glorious history of Buddhism in India. Starting from Bodhgaya, where we could find which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. We could follow Dungeswari caves, of Buddhist Shrines, were Buddha underwent years of self-mortification before descending to Bodhgaya.

The Bodhi Tree


Then a visit to Rajgir can find us the way to Vedic education of enrichment at Nalanda University. Further moving towards Lumbini, a place to cleanse through a holy pilgrimage, where Buddha was born and brought up. Thus detoxifying our body from the sins of the material World, could rejuvenate our soul and mind to an uncomparable level while engaging ourselves with the eternal being.

The Buddhist Stupa

The Birthplace of Buddha

The Nalanda University


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England has been termed for years as ‘the land of angles’.Filled with heart throbbing and most elegant and eloquent landscapes, is the land of England, associated with lovely refreshing water lakes cherishing the hearts of all with an aromatic charisma.

The tall towers with the cone-shaped domes manifested specially to curve the thrashing snow builts the most iconic part of British architecture. Since time immemorial its original culture yet often found in the courts of Old England is the treasure of England’s prosperity. Thus a huge part of their culture still found in the courtyards of Windsor Castle and Stonehenge has always been one of the most ethnic sites showcasing the ‘old English Culture’.









Other than all the other educational England, its also the home Jacobite Stream Train which has been a great tourist attraction, and also portrays the magical tour of Harry Potter, while reaching Hogwarts.


The unearthly beauty of England always portrays a magical essence of ever imagined heaven, yet holding it as it was in the ancient World, in nowadays World. Other than the cultural sites, the other sites including the Westminister Abbey, the Tower of London Eye makes it one of the most desirable tourist destinations.