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India has always shared common political importance with Russia in terms of Communism. Russia having a renowned history and heritages accompanied by the mountains; valleys, frozen lands and warm sands and an incredible number of amazing natural destinations such as Baikal, Moscow, St. Petersburg.

Lake Baikal, the massive high altitude rift lake in Siberia, also termed the oldest and deepest lake in the World and is of 25 million years of age, has always been a famous destination for Kayaking-boat cruises and island hopping to discover shorelines and beeches.


The next we may move to Moscow; it’s worth planning a trip to explore the heart-throbbing  Russia; thus the exploration tour may include Kremlin, Red Square, and the colourful St. Basil’s Cathedral. Another mind-blasting, a spot could be the Pushkin Museum, and the eminent The Bolshoi Theatre, one of the renowned ballet theatres of the World.


The last but most mesmerisng tour could be of St. Petersburg in Russia.Here to experience the most stunning overdoes of white and gold colours visit Monika Palace, and the Neoclassical,19th century of St.Isaac’s Cathedral,lastly the Peterhof Palace to experience the ecstatic beauty of French Architecture.